Kim Mettache for Democrat Town Council Ward 4 in Dyer, Indiana

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Results posted: Wednesday 11:05 CST

May 8, 2018 - Dyer, Indiana Democratic Primary has many new candidates that are running in hope to win and go on to the Democratic convention in November. A woman with spunky white hair stands in front of her team sporting a smile on her face. Kim Mettache thanks her team on Facebook throughout the campaign. She also takes the time to talk to voters before ballots close. Six o'clock approached but all Kim wanted to do was focus on her voters and talk to them about what her plans are for the future as she braces herself to win. Running for not one but three different positions

Kim Mettache for Dyer Council is her facebook page and she takes the time even moments before polls close to answer a few questions from us. "I'm a triathlete. I wanted safe bike trails, a community center, and better roads," she responds as we ask her what her campaign plans were. She is running unopposed for Ward four however she is also running for delegate and precinct opposed. Her next plan after getting one or more positions in the Democratic primary is to focus on planning out her win against a Republican in November 2018. If she wins "delegate" today, she gets to attend the Democrat Convention. 

Winning the Democrat seat is the easy part, beating out a Republican in a primarily Republican state is the uphill battle. Delegates get to vote for Secretary of State and Treasurer which is why she's running for that position. "It's a tight race. Probably more republican than democrat. I'm hoping to change that! Lots of friends are coming out to support me by voting for me, this means crossing party lines!" Kim says as she turns back to focusing on her voters. 

Updated at 7:35 PM CST

Kim comes back from talking with voters for the democratic primary and shares her plans to overcome any obstacles she may have within town council. She has also mentioned CART as an option for her townhall meetings. 

I have 2. I have a friend that offered to type Captioning for me. Or the AVA app that every council member can download and talk into the phone. I have no idea if it works. I’m a good lip reader but I will always miss something. These council meetings are fast and furious. I don’t know if an interpreter could keep up. So I have to figure it out. There is only 3 deaf in my town that I know of. Not a large deaf community like Chris Haulmark. Of course, I’m bummed. Because I love ASL and the deaf community. I grew up the only deaf kid in a mainstreamed school. Of course, I hated it. I missed out a lot.
— Kim Mettache

Kim Mettache announced on her facebook the results late last night, but it did not put a damper on the tone she had, for she won all three of the positions she ran for!

It’s official! The Democratic Party did fantastic in Dyer! I did win the delegate race at which was a fun race, as well as my precinct which I won at 75%. The town council which I won unopposed, will now go on the ballot for November. I would like to thank the family, friends and neighbors who came out to vote and hosted my Mettache signs for me! 😘 XOXO

DSTidbit News will update as the polls come back.