An Ordained Minister Making a Profit From Kevin Smith a Wrongfully Incarnated Inmate

The justice system is not perfect, but it is everybody's constitutional right to a speedy trial. Kevin Smith, a gentleman that has been in prison for well over eight years without a conviction, has clearly had his sixth amendment rights violated. 

The Speedy Trial Clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “[i]n all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy trial” The Clause protects the defendant from delay between the presentation of the indictment or similar charging instrument and the beginning of ...
— Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution

February of 2010 in New Orleans, Kevin Smith was arrested on drug charges. The police had raided a house in the Carrollton neighborhood and had found cocaine in a safe. Because Kevin Smith had a previous drug charge, the DA's office had the ability and was going to prosecute him under a repeat felony statute. In Louisiana that meant he could be convicted and sent to prison for 20 years. 

There's a major issue in the prosecutor's case, Kevin Smith did not reside at the location that the cocaine was found. Smith has never been convicted of the crime that he was arrested for and was left in prison. 

On November 14, 2017 nearly 8 years later, the New Orleans Advocate reported that the drug case got tossed. 

Smith’s case never went to a jury. On Monday, 2,832 days after he was locked up, Criminal District Court Judge Tracey Flemings-Davillier ordered Smith’s release, bowing to an appeals court ruling that prosecutors had violated his right to a speedy trial.
— The New Orleans Advocate

With that done and said by the judge, one would think that a happy ending has happened. Or, at least that's what Shaun King, a journalist at In Justice Today had assumed "I assumed that he had been released in time to get home for Thanksgiving and Christmas."

Once Shaun King caught wind of the story, he asked the family to contact him and they did. When they responded, this is the response he got:

Good Morning Mr. King!

Kevin is still incarcerated! He was released from Orleans Parish Prison, however the parole board is holding him until March 04, 2022. The Orleans Parish District Attorney was very sore that he was not convicted so Kevin believes that he has something to do with him being held on the parole end! He had been in jail since Feb 2010. Kevin is currently being held at the River Correctional Facility.
— Family Members to Shaun King

The State of Louisiana is now claiming that Smith is being held and will be held until 2022 because he violated a term of his parole, he did not change his mailing address years ago as required. The River Correctional Facility is a privately owned facility run by Warden Libby Tigner with the ability to house roughly 600 inmates. Clay McConnell, an ordained minister is an heir to the "LaSalle Corrections" empire. His empire was built by his father Billy who also oversaw nursing homes! In other words, it's an ordained minister that is getting rich off Kevin Smith being in prison.

"If anybody is sentenced to state time in Louisiana, odds are they will be placed in a local prison -- a low-budget, for-profit enterprise where they are likely to languish in their bunk, day after day, year after year, bored out of your skull with little chance to learn a trade or otherwise improve yourself."

So Shaun King asks us to do this, "we must all organize to make sure that Kevin Smith is released and that no such thing happens ever again."