Joshua Manley Videos Resurface Defaming Matt Silvay

When someone does a written form of defamation (the action of damaging the reputation of someone) it's called libel but when it is spoken, it is called slander. It is very important to know your rights when you somebody is defaming you. A person who has been defamed has grounds to sue. 

In the case of Matt Silva(y), he has a newfound fame because of a video that Tim Manley's son (who was present at the time of the altercation) posted and had done excessive editing to hide fault on Tim's end. 

It has been brought to DSTidbit News' attention that Joshua Manley's videos have resurfaced on Youtube which confirms the suspicions of many people that his videos had been removed by Youtube.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 11.45.47 AM.png


However, that is not what has caught people's attention. It is the title of the video. "Convicted Heroin Dealer Attacks Family at Orlando Airport"

Matt Silva has spoken on the matter of his "conviction" and has openly shared that he made a mistake back in 2009 which is almost 10 years ago and did his time. However, he asks that people consider this, what does that have to do with defending his family? 

"I am not hiding my past. My mistake happened when I was 18 and has nothing to do with this. I had been caught with Hydrocodone pills and did 30 months. People starting making me out as a bad person just because of a 10-year-old charge. What does that have to do with me "standing up for my dog?" Matt Silvay

How far will Joshua Manley go to make Matt look bad? Because of Joshua Manely, this has become a much bigger situation that it would have been if none of these videos had been posted. Joshua and Tim both need to be held accountable by the community for his actions. Removal of his youtube videos would be the first step in this process.