Frontier Airlines Scrambles to Cover up Mistake

May 16, 2018, at 7 PM Matt and Hazel boarded a plane in Colorado Springs never knowing that their lives would change. Their service dog in training had been on planes before but nothing could prepare them for what they would witness, and the events that followed.

Reviews and versions across the internet have been mixed, with much confusion. One of the points of confusion is whether Matt is Hazel's husband or fiancé, or boyfriend. He is her fiancé, and they have two hearing girls who were on the trip with them along with their service dog in training.

It does not matter if a dog is a service dog in training or a certified/licensed service dog. Both deserve the same amount of respect from everyone. This means it does not matter the size or age of the dog, a traumatic event such as being punched in the face (witnessed in part by Matt himself as well as twenty to thirty other people on the plane) by a stranger. Causing trauma to a service dog is against the law, and may be considered a felony depending on injuries the animal suffers.

Now, what usually happens when an altercation occurs on a plane? Pilots or flight attendants report it and get the police involved as quickly as possible. However, in this case, they did not do this. It's no longer a question of whether it happened because of the couple being deaf, but rather whether this is against regulations, and whether Frontier violated their own policies and guidelines.

"First and foremost Airline should follow the guidelines for people with special needs and even should have offered them a switch of seats or offered them to be placed in first class if there was an available seat open for them and their dogs to be comfortable which is actually something that they could do I also know that about the airline's because I have a niece and a nephew who is also a pilot" - Anonymous

Tim mentioned that his wife was allergic to dogs, and was having a bit of trouble with it, so he was "concerned". The same anonymous source said, "If the lady reported that she had any allergies […] they could have removed her and took her to a different seat".

One has to wonder why Matt was recorded at the beginning of their difficulty, and what the intent had been by the Manley family. Frontier should have “nipped it in the bud” at the time, however, because they didn't, an entire video was soon up on Youtube of the altercation. The video went viral (with Matt getting angry at Tim), but hiding provocations by excessive editing on Joshua Paul Manley's part, Tim Manley’s son, who posted the video in question. The video was quickly taken down either by YouTube or Joshua, however, Tim Manley has also deactivated his Facebook account. The reason might have been due to embarrassment from the whole world knowing that his family was responsible for this, and attempted to doctor video to blame the other party. One other interesting fact is that Joshua allowed someone to post Matt's mugshot from an unrelated situation, but then shortly after, took down the video.

Is it possible that someone else retaliated with the fact that Joshua had been arrested with 11 grams of marijuana up his butt? 

In conclusion, it is clear that the airline may have been negligible had actually irritated the situation by disregarding and allowing a man who was demonstrating aggressive behavior and causing harm to a service dog, breaking the law with statutes of animal cruelty. Unfortunately, the situation escalated so quickly that the airline had five different things going on at once. They also failed to bring police on scene quickly enough to avoid excessive camera use and further harm to Matt’s fiancé and children. Fortunately, that is the very reason why, in our interview, Matt mentioned that Frontier had already reached out to them to offer resolutions. We will update this story as it continues to develop.