Hazel Ramirez and Service Dog Punched by Angry Passenger on Frontier Airlines

Updated at 2:50 PM EST

Hazel told DSTidbit News, to let people know that are traveling with service dogs, "Advice for people that travel with pets, BE FREE DO NOT LET ANYONE ELSE TELL YOU different about dogs" She was recently assaulted on a Frontier Airlines flight because she had a service dog that was "taking up space" according to Timothy Manley which was the initiation of this attack.

Service animals being able to travel with their owners is a necessary practice that airlines enforce. Transportation regulations require airlines to allow service dogs on flights without charge or objection. There, of course, are guidelines and restrictions to service animals that are allowed on planes. When a service animal is allowed to travel on a plane, it is a privilege for the owner and the service animal, it is still very important that the privilege is appreciated through respectful behavior towards others and follow standard procedures of boarding and getting off a plane.

According to Hazel Ramirez, her 8-month-old greyhound did just that. He remained calm and composed. Staid asleep for most of the flight and got up to stretch at the end of the flight. The family was traveling to Orlando from Colorado Springs to do a gender reveal party, for Hazel is 5 months pregnant. Imagine the rude awakening they got when both Hazel and her service dog, Zariel were attacked by a gentleman who felt like the service dog was a hindrance. 

"Police said Timothy Manley thought the dog was taking up too much space, became enraged and punched the animal with a closed fist, causing her to yelp, shake her head and hide under a seat." CBS News

Credit: CBS News

Credit: CBS News

Matt Silva Hazel's fiance had to tackle Timothy Manley so he wouldn't get off the plane as it got to the gate, this was after he became violent towards all the females in the family. "Unfortunately the man [was] determined to leave so he ran and punched my belly then pushed my two daughters, they fell and cried so hard,"  Hazel Ramirez.

When assaults happen on an airplane, one may wonder who has jurisdiction, after all, they flew from Colorado and arrived in Florida. In this case, the police were called to get a handle on the situation and then the FBI was called for it was an interstate flight and the altercation happened on an aircraft. This is a violation of 49 U.S.C. 46506 - APPLICATION OF CERTAIN CRIMINAL LAWS TO ACTS ON AIRCRAFT. 

In this case, the federal law takes precedence and the US Attorney may, at his discretion, opt to prosecute the matter federally. if he so chooses even though it is technically a misdemeanor. Officials from Frontier Airlines said service animals are permitted on all flights as long as they are certified and properly harnessed. "The safety and security of our passengers is our top priority at Frontier. Upon deplaning Flight 1752 from Colorado Springs to Orlando, there was a confrontation between passengers."

Ramirez told police that she does wish to prosecute and will testify in court. The case has been turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine if charges will be filed.

Tim Manley reported this on the Youtube Video posted of the altercation:

My family and I had a good time skiing at A-Basin in Colorado early this week. On the flight home, we sat behind a family with a great Dane. Although Petrini is allergic to dogs she did ok since she took a massive dose of whatever medicine she takes for that. Well, the man had me somewhat concerned with the way he was treating his kids, dog, and wife. I could see he had issues. They had a very difficult time keeping the dog confined in front of the seat even though since no-one wanted to sit with them. They had two extra seats.

The dog was hyper and got up into the aisle while the plane was approaching the landing. Through kicking and pushing the man was able to get it back under the seats though. When the plane stopped moving naturally a lot of people stood up in the aisle. I being quite groggy was reaching down in front of me into my backpack. Upon rising up I found I was staring the Great Dane in the face.

I instinctively pushed it away immediately feeling fear and alarm. The man went berserk and accused me of punching the dog, started pushing his hand in my face and kicking me. I remained calm. Upon attempting to exit the plane I saw he was waiting for me in the corridor between the plane and the terminal. I finally was able to with the help of the stewardess approach the door to the terminal but the man was blocking the entrance. He eventually let all the other passengers to exit. At this point, I also felt apprehension because since he is deaf and can't speak well I didn't know his intentions but it seemed he was wanting a fight and oh, yea during the time in the corridor he was making gestures to me such as the knife across the throat and punching into his fist.

So, my wife was kind of getting impatient and said just come through if he touches you he will be arrested. Well, I did force my way through the door eventually. Unfortunately, his wife also by that point was blocking the door, and contrary to her claim I certainly did not strike her. I actually remained quite passive throughout the entire ordeal while he was aggressive the whole time. I calmly proceeded to walk away and then he jumped me.

I got up and again calmly walked away. His wife struck my son and attempted to grab his phone and then he proceeded to chase my son around the terminal. We calmly walked away and upon meeting both the terminal police and the Orlando police I told them it was disappointing that it took them so long to arrive and that I had been assaulted.

I was not detained or arrested by the police. Quite to the contrary, they detained the man and his family until we were safely away.