Did Dr. Daniel D. Burch Intend to Exploit the Community for Monetary Gain?

Edited on June 9, 2018 : DSTidbit news mistakenly identified Scott Huffman responding to their DSTidbit News LIVE announcement as the LA RID vice president. It is now correctly reflecting that he responded as an individual rather than in his official role. 

The state of Louisiana is facing a very dangerous game played by Sign Language Services owned by Priscilla Burch. The Vice President, Daniel Burch essentially tried to write themselves into a resolution that had to be pulled by a state representative. This resolution should not have been presented to the 2018 Regular Session. People in the state of Louisiana that utilize ASL interpreters are outraged and believe that this is an unethical move on Daniel's part.  

This is an issue of educating state representatives that vote on these things. Representatives have been contacted and alerted about the attempts that Daniel Burch has pushed forward to assist his hidden agenda. This has been confirmed that the original resolution was developed by Rep Smith who had to pull it because Daniel Burch, who had been contacted by Representative Smith to consult on it, hijacked it without her consent. He took the resolution and reworded it to promote his company and the program.

She then responded to the community outrage about the bill by saying this on DSTidbit facebook page, 

Please note this resolution was pulled. We are going to revisit this issue. But please know that the criminal justice reform bills look at mostly non violent crimes. There are deaf individuals that can re-enter society just as others. There are training programs that are being offered in prison but because they are deaf they cannot take advantage of those programs. We will have a conversation with DOC to determine how to address this issue.

— Representative Patricia Haynes Smith


Scott Huffman, speaking as an individual and not in any official capacity, responded to DSTidbit News LIVE video to point this out:

People totally overlook Daniel Burch and his repeated ethical violations to chatter about people who’ve taken the time to learn ASL and become interpreters. Understandably so, if a person has a sex charge, they ABSOLUTELY should not be interpreting in schools. While the community complains about the Interpreter, Daniel Burch slides away with 344k and the community gives him a pass. It would behoove everyone to take a stand against him! Contact RID, contact NAD. 
— Scott Huffman

The Louisiana community needs support in getting this issue contained and handled. This is not the only time that the community has been exploited for monetary gain however it is a very obvious example. People passing laws and bills are not necessarily understanding why things should not be written the way they are until it's too late. That's where community accontability comes in place.