Rocky Murray Involved in Fatal Accident

It has been confirmed that Roscoe "Rocky" Murray, a former basketball coach at Maryland School for the Deaf was involved in a fatal accident. There were several eyewitnesses that frantically attempted to do something to help Rocky. He was driving a marroon Honda CR-V and had rear-ended a tanker truck, of ADM Truckling Inc. of Decatur, Illinois. This accident happened around 3 PM and Rocky died shortly after. He had been transported from the scene to St. Vincent Hospital, where police say he succumbed to his injuries.

The SUV was traveling southbound in the right lane when it ran into the semitrailer, which was braking. The SUV's brake lights were not on and the vehicle was traveling full force, Mudd said.

"There was a huge cloud of dust or smoke from the impact," Mudd said. "I realized I was coming up on them pretty quickly. I pulled over and checked on them."

DSTidbit News would like to extend our condolences to the Murray family at this time. 

Confirmation recieved from Fox 59