Open Letter to Cassy Davis

DSTidbit News was contacted this morning with a request to share an open letter without revealing the identity of the individual. Here is the open letter:

Cassy Davis,

This is an open letter to you. I am a mother like you are. Us mothers have a special responsibility to protect our children against any wrongdoings of other people especially if they are the ones we married or are in a relationship with. Let me tell you something, children NEVER ask to be abused in any way. Not at any age. Not during one of their developmental stages where they may rebel against us grow-ups such as toddlers (the famous NO stage) to teenager years (where they will start talking back – research has shown that their brains are hardwired to rebel, by the way) and it is our duty as parents to provide them with love, a safe environment for them to make mistakes and have their basic needs met: regular meals, comfortable clothing, a roof over their heads and most of all, stable loving relationship with their parents. (Yes, even though people usually only name the first three as basic needs, I firmly believe that the last part is also a basic need of each child)

Your husband has admitted publicly that he molested, not one but both of your daughters. Yet, I see posts from you and your vlog placing blaming on your daughters instead of holding your husband accountable. He has posted a few vlogs about how you got angry at him for doing certain things to your girls so that gives me an inkling that you do know what he did was very wrong. Yet, you still defend your husband and blame your girls who are CHILDREN for what your husband has publicly confessed to doing, ABUSING and MOLESTING them. Your daughters and your other children are no way at fault for your husband’s behavior. With that confession, you should be at the police department with your children in tow and ask them for help. Tell them that your husband made a public confession that he molested your oldest daughters and that he is abusive towards you, your children and your other family members (didn’t he break your sister’s knee which she required a surgery to fix?)

Again, no child is responsible for the actions of an adult, be it the adult losing their temper or performing any kind of violent and sexual acts against children. If you continue to defend your husband and blame your children while knowing what he did, then you are as responsible as he is. Only your husband is responsible for his own temper, violent behavior and urges for children. As a mother, your responsibility is to protect your children. If you cannot and would prefer to be with your husband after all he has done to your children, give your children to the CPS where they will be safe from your husband’s violent temper and urges towards children.

If he is being abusive towards you and your children and you want to leave, there is help. Dial 911. You have other children living at home with this monster that you have a responsibility to and you need to get them out ASAP. Your daughters got out and they are very afraid for their other siblings and you should be too.

From a mother and many other mothers who read this and agrees with me.