Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind Teachers Participating in Statewide Walkout In Their Own Way

A strike vote on Thursday April 19, 2018 launched the first-ever statewide walkout by teachers in the state of Arizona, following the example of teachers in states West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Kentucky earlier this year. Their vote comes even after the state’s governor Doug Ducey has proposed increasing teachers’ salaries by 20% over two years, starting with a 9% raise in 2019. Teachers say the plan is not sustainable because it doesn’t contemplate more investment in schools alongside any higher salaries.

The Arizona Education Association and the grass-roots group, the Arizona Educators United, announced that teachers will be walking off the job on Thursday, April 26, 2018. Many people are wondering whether this will affect the school for the deaf in both Phoenix and Tucson. 

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DSTidbit News sources are saying no, the teachers at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf  will NOT be participating in the walkout. An anonymous source says, "We are not walking out. We are considered a state agency, not a school,  so we will not get the raise public school teachers get.

The Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind had a different stance on the #REDforED walkout. Francesca Valenzuela a staff member at ASDB posted a long statement asking for community support in this stance that ASDB staff are taking on her facebook at 6:30 AM PST. They will be participating in their movement differently than the public schools. While the post has statements about last Thursday's meeting, it still points out that this week, there will be a "Walk-IN" for 3 days from April 23 - 26, 2018.

This captioned video shows just how bad the pay is for teachers in Arizona. They are begging for pay raises and increased funding for schools. They were offered a pay raise but they wanted increased school funding so this is what #REDforED is all about. 

Arizona  is not the only state that is struggling with funding for education. there have been several other states that have done walkouts to protest against the government for lack of funding in schools and teacher salaries being at an all time low.