UPDATED: Samuel Davis to be Turned in for Child Molestation

Article updated at 5:30 PM PST

Rosa Lee reached out to the community and asked for help. A man named Sam Davis admitted that he, at one point molested children and she got very very upset. Asking people where he was currently located so the police could be contacted. 


Prior to sharing this story, DSTidbit News Reporters reviewed the video and were able to verify that he did admit that he molested his wife's daughters (who are not his biological children) however the man blames somebody else for his actions, the satan.  

He admits to this because he wants to honor god and jesus. Samuel Davis was LIVE and then David Webster is the one that recorded it *DSTidbit News was corrected, it was Anika Webster that recorded the video and shared it with her father, David Webster. and it's being shared by Rosa Lee Timm. The recording was cut off because the part that needs to be shared with the community has already been recorded. 

Anika Webster said, "tonight at around 9:30 I will be doing a live, you can get information from that if it helps. the people he’s talking about is my sister Kelly Webster and I. In other videos he made he speaks about the people who took us in, Jessica Ferch and Morgan Watkins." Tonight the live will be on Jessica's wall at 9:30 CST.

This confession was done on Facebook LIVE and has only one comment which are shown in the video below. DSTidbit News wanted you to be able to watch the video for yourself and verify that he has indeed committed a crime.

Elizabeth Gillespie has taken incentive to report it to the police however DSTidbit News suggests that anybody has any further information about this case to please contact either the Indianapolis Police Department or the Daytona Beach Police Station. Article will be updated as story develops.