Dr. Nancylynn Ward Speaks Up After Weeks of Silence

Dr. Nancylynn Ward, the former Superintendent of Tennessee School for the Deaf has finally spoken up about her dismissal. Watching the video, nobody will see anything about what reason there is for her dismissal but a heartfelt beg to the community to stand united not divided. "This is a time where we need to move together as a community.." "this is nonnegotiable" Nancylynn says.  She also mentions that there is fear play and vandalism going on within the community which disappoints her because there are students on campus.

We are supposed to be setting an example for these kids she declared as she continues to speak about the emotional array that's going on within TSD and in the community nearby. 

Tennessee School for the Deaf had hired Nancylynn Ward in June of 2017. She had been the first Deaf superintendent in the history of TSD. She had begun her tenure as Superintendent with big ideas and goals. "Bring new technology, new curriculum, new ideas, and work on people's potential and show that new vision of what TSD will look like for our state," Dr. Nancylynn Ward said to a local WVLT TV station as she described her goals for the year. 

On March 19, 2018 Nancylynn was terminated. There was no warning, no information from the board about her termination or any hint of such issue of her performance. This is the one thing that most people in the community are angry about. She was not receiving progress reports at any time. She had been out on medical leave and was asked to come in, and when she did, she was informed that she was no longer the superintendent. Right then, she was also asked to sign papers relieving her of her duties and was sent off. 

The Tennessee Department of Education has posted a notice of vacancy which means they are searching for a new superintendent. In this case, it is not going to be like West Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind, for they are conducting a search, but will this search meet the demands of the community? That has yet to be seen.