New Female Police Officer in Dalhart, Texas facing Questions About Legitimacy of Capabilities to do the Job

Everybody is thrilled! David Conner, the Chief of Police in Dalhart, Texas has hired 25-year old Erica Trevino. She became the first female deaf commissioned police officer hired to work at the department and is believed to be the first in the state of Texas. This decision has not been without a large amount of media attention. During an interview, Erica mentioned that her boss was receiving a lot of calls about her and answering questions about how she became an officer. 

The tweet shared by Deaf Justice Now on Twitter demonstrates how some individuals in Dalhart feels about the decision and Deaf Justice Now also points out a question of whether she would be able to serve in a larger town or city. 

Erica also admitted that she used her equipment (Cochlear Implant) to pass the hearing portion of requirements for her condition of employment. Some people feel like it's cheating, others feel like it's legitimate, after all people are allowed to use glasses to pass eye exams to drive. Others are displeased with the decision and point out that she may not even be able to understand what people are saying when they're yelling or hollering at her. 

She will be working the overnight shift as required for new officers after working her first week on the day shift. Erica was sworn in yesterday. She reports for duty on April 14. The first six months on the job she will be partnered with a field training officer and work the night shift. Her goal is to work in Criminal Investigations Division after she climbs up the ranks at the department.

Despise all of the naysayers, her boss remains completely confident in her capabilities. “Is it going to be a challenge for her and us? Yes, there’s no doubt,” said Conner. “Through all the obstacles she’s had to face in life and all the times she’s been told now she can’t do something she has succeeded. Who am I to say she can’t do this? There’s no doubt she can do it and she is qualified."