Responses to Baltimore Crisis

Obama speaks about Baltimore Riot. 4/28/2015. Live tweeting and live videos during Obama's speech tells a story behind American's perspective on the president. He remarked on the violent unrest in Baltimore and said some things that did not sit well with people such as blaming the police. He said that the protest was peaceful until the police came out. That's when everything became chaotic. He also went as far as called the rioters criminals and thugs.

Interesting perception from somebody that is holed up in the oval office hiding while this whole thing blows over. What has he done about the fact that provocation by police officers happens all over the country and people thought after Ferguson, police officers would have been more careful. Obama also made a campaign promise to address discrimination in America. What is he doing to uphold his promise to the American people that voted for him?

In order to highlight the severance of this issue, Danny Cervantes shared on twitter, an extremely alarming photograph:

African Americans Killed in America in April of 2015.

Gang members responded to 11 News and says that they did not make a truce to harm police officers. "We want people of Baltimore City to know that the image they are trying to portray of Gangs in Baltimore, we do not make that truce to harm cops, we did not, together against cops." The rioting had gotten so out of control, two rival gangs stood in a room and spoke together against the violence.

Their interview with Channel 11 (WBALTV 11) emphasizes their belief in justice for Freddie Gray. They are upset because people are getting the wrong idea of gangs in the city and blaming them for the unrest.

"Stop believing everything you hear in the media. if you were not at the protest on the day that we protested for Freddy, you don't know what happened." (Gang members) There was no mention of the good, only target on the bad.

Ray Lewis shared the same message, asking kids to go home and stop destroying the city. "Baltimore off the street- kids go home, stay home. You don't have no right to do what you doin to this city. Too many hard working people build this city. We put this city together we put this city on our back. We with you! We know whats going on! We know the problems. We know there was wrong done. We know we're not getting the right justice. We know all these damn things but rioting in our streets is wrong." (Ray Lewis - Transcript provided by Meg Warwick Klien)