Latest Addition to Gallaudet University Efforts to Protect Students

[su_youtube_advanced url=""] Green DotWith high violent crime rates on the Gallaudet University campus over the past thirty years including murders, suicides, and rape; the university has been working hard to bring a safer environment and increase protections for their students, faculty, and visitors.

These efforts include a Green Dot initiative that had been implemented on the Gallaudet University campus to reduce incidents of assault. The bystander program has been funded by a 300,000 dollars grant that supports the efforts behind raising sexual assault awareness. Because of this program that Gallaudet University has implemented, they have been recognized as an university that is transparent about their sexual assault incidents (which has led to a very high ratio compared to any other university.)

EmergenSEE Logo. 07/19/2014.

With increasing recognition, Gallaudet University continues to look for opportunities to be innovative in their way of protecting students, faculty/staff, and visitors. Their latest addition is an app called EmergenSEE. The Director of Public Safety at Gallaudet University, Ted Baran, presents the EmergenSEE app to the public on YouTube and shares a few cool features of this safety tool. The app has several features that are desirable including being able to record incidents and send the video to public safety, function as an electronic escort, a stealth mode option, and many other things. They have been calling this app, your personal safety app and also has the ability to store information about you as a person from your app profile.

The university is now using this app, a fully automated personal security app for smart phones and tablets which runs on either Google Android or Apple iOS. It is included in Gallaudet's free mobile app profile that they have already set up called, mGallaudet. If people are interested in downloading the app, they can check up the Tiny Url.

Gallaudet University just celebrated 150 years of excellence as the world's only university with programs and services specifically designed to accommodate the Deaf community. As the only university that accommodates this community, they are showing that they don't only strive in academic excellence but finding innovative ways to protect and serve their students.


Gallaudet University Celebrates 150 Years. 07/19/2014.

Written by Mary Pat Withem Follow her on Twitter @mpwithem