Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is an Accessible Game

Written by Brandon Withem

What is this, one might say? It is a MMO(Massive Multi Online) game released by Square-Enix for the Playstation 3 and PC platforms, Final Fantasy XIV. The first launch was a epic failure on the developers' part, and a serious embarrassment for the company as it is the company's flagship game series that could have had the potential of being the company's downfall. However, it has been since relaunched as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, this coincides with the story line between these two launch versions and the actual reality behind development of the game. It has since been released for the PlayStation 4 platform as well.

Why bother with a game that has had such a turbulent history in launching? The redevelopment and extremely successful relaunch demonstrated a serious level of commitment by the parent company to ensuring its eventual successful launch and continued existence. From personal experience, it is the most AMAZING game observed yet. There are endless of things to do such as quests, fighting against friends, running end game content, or just for the fun and relaxing experience, go fishing in the most beautiful landscapes yet in any game!

Now, is it accessible? This game is extremely accessible in such that every single dialogue in game is captioned. There is also the chat log a player can use in game to chat with just about everyone else in game. Some players may press to use a third party software to communicate via headset, most commonly TeamSpeak3 or Mumble. There have been infrequent encounters with this small group of players who would refuse to play with those that do not utilize such 3rd party programs. As per Square-Enix's terms of service, it is a violation to utilize a third party software to gain an advantage over other players. This would be considered as a technical breach of terms of service agreement in utilizing a voice chat program.

Are there deaf players in this game? This certain player takes pride in knowing that he is one of the good ol' veteran players. The players with good character actually considers these people as elitists and deserve no attention from them unless absolutely necessary such as instanced dungeons. There is a feature where the player can create their own group which they develop as a group to attain goals throughout the game, and this is called a Free Company. This player makes it a policy that voice chat is to be optional in his Free Company (FC) between those that desire the use of such programs. This player regularly holds static end game runs, it's so much FUN, it's very challenging in so many ways. He also helps the newbies, not to be confused with noobs, learn the game and how they do it things their and proper way.

Newbies refer to these who are new to the game, noobs are those players that refuse to learn and repeat the same mistakes they should not be making and in many cases resort to voice chat. Whereas an elitist forces their personal preferences upon others, such as power brokers.

If you want to join and play with this player and experience the immersive and extremely accessible game, the server he plays on is Cactuar and his handle is PyroTiger Phoenix. He'll be expecting to see y'all in game and wanted to convey this message... "(Roar!) I'll be more than happy to throw you a FC invite!"