Is David Baughman Capitalizing Your Donations?

There is an awesome tool online called to raise awareness, make donations for many reasons such as funeral expenses, flights to hospitals to treat serious life-threatening conditions, church-related activities and so forth. It is a great tool available that is extremely susceptible to abuse, though the company does have a system in place to deal with people who do abuse the features that GoFundMe has to offer. The campaigner has the ability to withdraw funds from their accounts with GoFundMe at any time they desire, whether they meet their goal or not, per the web site's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. DSTidbits came across a known individual within the community that has an active campaign as of June 16th, 2014.

David Baughman comes from a small town of Bogalusa, Louisiana. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California and is pursuing an acting career. He is known for his performances in Contracted, in Security, Undercurrent, My Funny Valentine, Sophomore, and The Hammer. According to the IMDb website, he is currently performing for Bloody Island to be released in 2016. His biography online does not mention much but for his activities while he was in college and some obscure movies he has performed in.

The actor has created a donation campaign for his personal gain. He is asking the public to support him in what is believed to be a privilege to earn, not a necessity nor a right to possess. This does not fall in line with the ideology behind the purpose of GoFundMe.

There is conflicting information regarding his fund raising activities that must be pointed out and made aware to the community. DSTidbits had reached out to David Baughman for clarification, though he has chosen to forego having an interview after agreeing to meet for an interview, nor respond any further to explain his lack of commitment. DSTidbits is disappointed, however, is still obligated to release such findings to maintain the integrity of the community. It is up to the reader to draw conclusions based on facts presented and respond accordingly. If David Baughman does indeed contact DSTidbits in the future, there will be updates to follow reflecting future conversations from him.

Dated last year on the 25th of January of 2013, Google has a cached copy of his original GoFundMe campaign under the account "DavidBaughman" to earn money from the general public to pay for his SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) membership fee. SAG-AFTRA is an union organization representing over 160,000 professional actors and actresses. An upcoming performer has to meet certain qualifications before being invited to join the exclusive union. That campaign had raised $160, apparently failing to meet his goal of $3,099.00, before being taken down. The amount is the total required for initation membership fees to offically become a member of SAG-AFTRA. Here is a screenshot reflecting this information from Google's cached copy. The video presented via does not describe any information but demonstrates his acting career to date.

David Baughman's Original Campaign. Accessed 6-16-2014.
He is now currently running another campaign with the same goal as the original campaign last year on, under a new account "ActorDavidBaughman." This information is current as of June 16th, 2014 and was created 11 days ago. This campaign reflects that he has donations totalling $135 to date of the hopeful total $3,099.00. The new video created for this campaign states that he was just informed that he was invited to become a member of SAG-AFTRA after paying the initiation fees.

David Baughman's Current Campaign. Accessed 6-16-2014.
Now, the latest video log on his current campaign demonstrates conflicting information about his awareness of the potential to become a member of SAG-AFTRA. The latest campaign does not mention the original drive. Wouldn't people want to know that he had already raised $160 towards the goal of $3,099.00 and account for the difference in the current campaign? Wouldn't people want to know what happened to the original $160 that he had raised thus far last year that was to be used toward the initiation fees? Don't people want to know what David Baughman intends to do with the donations made if and when he gains membership? DSTidbits was hoping to have an insightful conversation with Mr. Baughman, however, that did not happen.

A reporter for DST Entertainment, Jasun Hicks messaged David via Facebook asking several questions in an attempt to explain and clarify any misunderstandings there might be about his activities with regards to his GoFundMe campaigns. He responded stating that he would be happy to meet with and answer questions the following day on June the 14th of 2014.

Conversation between Jasun Hicks and David Baughman via FaceBook.

Jasun waited all day and did not hear from David as they had agreed to meet. The reporter then allowed David another 24 hours to respond. DSTidbits follows a policy that 48 hours is more than ample time to respond to inquires, especially when contact has been initiated between two parties. Jasun has informed David Baughman, out of courtesy, that DSTidbits will be publishing its findings regardless of whether he follows through with the interview or not. Following his activities online, and based on his responses; it appears that David Baughman may have suspicious intent behind his fundraising campaigns. Again, it is up to the reader to draw their own conclusions based on facts presented, thus far.

If you have any information that might be helpful, please contact DSTidbits by clicking here and adhere to professional courtesy in communication.

Written by Jasun Hicks

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