Dreams! Goals! Future!

Written by Brandon Withem

There comes certain periods of some one's life that may be unable to reliably support themselves with the income that they have. Some turn to sources such as temporary agencies, employment placement services, classified ads regardless of media used, and so on. There are many start up companies that are borne out of this frustration with seeking employment to have a sustainable income. Other people resort to art and/or expression to satisfy the audience's thirst for imagination, this is also a great way to bring in sustainable income for the demonstrators to meet their goals, while satisfying such desires of the audience.

There is a person that just wrote a new book series called "Howl & The Blood King" by Typhon Asmodeus. Typhon Asmodeus is a freelance writer who started the "Howl" series this year and is currently on his second book. In the forward section, the author expresses that this book series was borne out of request by others to share his story. It also describes how it helps Mr. Asmodeus be able to continue his work and pay for his living.

The book is a very interesting read! Its not a light book to read, though. It is about a boy who is coming of age and gets sucked into another dimension, which is beyond his control. He faces obstacles as he attempts to rediscover himself and connect with the new world he was transposed to. It is a thriller literary book that is sure to appeal to the wild imaginations that one might have! If you want to read the book and be awestruck, then go for it!

Another writer is Raymond Luczak who has written plays, films, and books. Some of his latest projects include a book called "How to Kill Poetry" and the synopsis says, "With the ghosts of Emily Dickinson, Arthur Rimbaud, Sappho, and Walt Whitman leading the way, How to Kill Poetry showcases a highly selective overview of Western civilization poetic development from its oral traditions to the silence of pixels. The narrative then jumps 200 years into the future where the unfortunate consequences of global warming create a dramatic backdrop against which poetry--if it is to have any redeeming value--must survive."

He has suffered setbacks through out his life, the most recent in 2008 when he had a gallbladder surgery, and experienced personal losses as well according to his bibliography. However, he discovered means to overcome such obstacles, and kept on writing!

In closing remarks, these two aspiring individuals are just two of the many people that are actively seeking ways to a sustainable future, overcoming obstacles via many ways. While both examples are authors, it is not the only way to be supporting oneself in times like this. Help spread the word if you know someone you love, work with, or just about anybody is in need of assistance to overcome obstacles. The only way to get through life is by collaboration!