DSTN Arts - Star Wars Edition

Written by Danica Rice

Good evening everyone, your friendly DSTN Arts Librarian here today. I have some exciting news! Today, May 20, is 38 years that one of my favorite films, the Empire Strikes Back, premiered!  I have been a huge fan of Star Wars (Empire is the second film in the series) since I was 10 years old, and over the years, I have collected a great many wonderful things from these movies, some of which I’d love to share with you today. 

First, for those music lovers out there, I have the original soundtrack by John Williams in pristine original vinyl record form. I only just started listening to vinyl records a few years ago, and had completely forgotten I bought this when I was a kid.  I was so excited when I found this today!

I’m showing some original comics from Star Wars and Return of the Jedi, a collectors edition of the Essential Characters Guide, which covers both books and movies. This was written and compiled by Andy Mangels and presents itself as “the only detailed, illustrated, comprehensive guide to the major and minor characters of the Star Wars universe!”  That is, up to 1995, when this was published. They have since published at least one updated version that I know of, and likely more.

Next up, we have the young adults/children’s Empire Strikes Back storybook from Scholastic, published in 1997, which is always fun, and full of movie photos. It was written by J.J Gardner, adapted from the screenplay.

A fantastic story I would love to share with you is what is best known as the “Thrawn trilogy” by Hugo-award-winning author, Timothy Zahn.  Shown in the video is book number 2 from the series, called Dark Force Rising. However, the first book in the series is called “Heir to the Empire”, and “Dark Force Rising” is followed by The Last Command. This series was started in 1991 and culminated in 1993. I have an autographed version which I will share once it has been located (recently moved, so things are in boxes!)

The next book I want to share today is the novelization of The Empire Strikes Back, one of the first printings of this novel, published in 1980, this being the third printing, written by Donald F. Glut, based on the film and story by George Lucas. There is actually another novelization that is controversial, called Splinter in the Mind’s Eye, which is alluded to be the original novelization of Star Wars, the first film, but in actuality, the story is very different, and actually completely eliminates some characters, such as most notably, Han Solo. When located, I will do another video to give more information.

Finally, given the upcoming film “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, I thought it pertinent to discuss one of the older series of books featuring Han Solo, specifically the series called the Corellian Trilogy.  Corellia is the planet that Han Solo comes from originally, and the first book in this series is entitled “Ambush At Corellia” by Roger MacBride Allen, published in March 1995. I haven’t actually read this in years, probably at least 10 or 15 years, so I plan to re-read this next!  Won’t you please join me?  Find it at your local library, Roger MacBride Allen, “Ambush at Corellia”!  Hope to read with you soon!   Until next time, May The Force Be With You.