Introduction to DSTN Arts

By: Danica Rice

Greetings!  My name is Danica Rice, I’m going to be bringing news to you about a variety of arts related topics.  However, my passion lies in what I know, which is books and reading. I’m a librarian by training, and I know there’s got to be more of you out there like me, and even those of you who might not always like to read, but are open to finding a good book that you’d love…I want to help!  I also have studied in detail about how best to improve access in the library.  I could go on for days about that topic alone, but thankfully, The Arts covers much more fun stuff.  There’s ASL poets, Deaf artists, De’VIA movement pioneers, ASL tour guides, playwrights, musicians, dancers, and my personal favorite, librarians, who may soon grace your screens! 

What is my background, you may be wondering.  I grew up in Oregon, went to college at RIT/NTID, then worked for the government for five years, in Nevada and in Seattle, Washington, including almost two years in the National Archives branch in Seattle, and now I am living in Eugene, Oregon where my hope is to someday begin a Deaf Cultural Digital Library similar to the one in Maryland (more on that later!), and to start a bookstore and coffee shop here in Eugene, while beginning my life as a DSTN Arts reporter in collaboration with my community.

My passion and drive in life is to provide accessibility for our community in the library. This is something I learned about in great detail during my Masters in Library Science coursework from San Jose State University.  Seeing a lack of emphasis and focus in today’s news about this area, and knowing that our community needs more information about such, I decided to join DSTidbit News to share my passion, desire and love of learning, with you.  We will be talking about the “arts” in all varieties, to include books and reviews, writing and writers, art and artists of varying mediums, accessibility in libraries, media, linguistics, and what the world is doing to bring awareness to our culture.  If there is a particular type of arts coverage you would like to see or feel that I’m missing, please feel free to email me at and I can improve and give you more of what you want to see! 

I have been blessed to explore my own artistry in so many ways through so many different organizations and people, and there is so much to learn in the world that I can’t wait to show you!   Keep your eyes peeled, much, much more to come.