A Brief History

The Co-founders of DSTidbit News established DSTidbits back in 2014 after working for another news website together and seeing the need for a different kind of media approach for the Deaf community. When they discussed their ideas with the owner of the other news site, the owner was not interested in doing things differently and after a bit of frustration, DSTidbits was born! 

In the years following, DSTidbits has gained a following however life got in the way and prevented the Co-founders from being able to focus on DSTidbits. In 2018, there had been several new news venues that formed over the years since DSTidbits was created but none of them met the needs that DSTidbits had been initially established to provide and both Co-founders decided it's time to come back! However they wanted to re-brand DSTidbits and take it to the next level! 

Hence the birth of DSTidbit News!